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Keeping your reputation out of hot water for 15 years.

Today’s water heaters are engineered to more durable, reliable and energy efficient. Commercial and consumer users alike demand installation flexibility and cost savings, and expect flawless performance. That’s why it’s critical that every part of the water heater be of the highest quality—and that’s why you need Hartland Controls contactors.

When water heaters need to start and heat needs to be generated, manufacturers look to Hartland Controls for quiet, reliable solutions. Engineered and manufactured to rigid standards from high-quality materials, Hartland Controls contactors and transformers provide years of reliable operation in all conditions, including the corrosive, humid and unheated environments often found in water heater settings. Engineered and tested domestically, our contactors and transformers operate quietly to maximize end-user comfort.

With our commitment to domestic inventory and ability to do light assembly, you can have confidence that we will have the contactors and transformers you need, right when you need them. Our engineering, testing and quality teams know your reputation rests on providing quality, low-maintenance (dependable?) water heaters for residential and commercial applications.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are geared for high-volume, ongoing product programs, Many customers rely on us to manage their inventories and deliver customized control products, including contactors, relays, transformers, capacitors and auxiliary switches, just in time for their manufacturing requirements and processes. Located in the heart of the Midwest, our facility is ideally situated to serve customers nationwide through a broad distribution network and associates who are dedicated to outstanding customer service.

Founded in 2002, Hartland Controls has grown rapidly to become a premier provider of custom electrical control solutions and engineered assemblies. We design domestically, manufacture internationally, and warehouse locally to deliver what you need right when it’s needed.