You need
a special product configuration
to keep lines running.
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Light assembly services start here.

There are times when you need a specific product configuration in short order. That’s why so many of our customers rely on Hartland Controls. Our light assembly teams have been known to pull contactors from our extensive inventory, configure terminals to spec, test, custom label, pack and ship up to 1000 units—same day. It’s a commitment we make to our partners that ensures you have the inventory needed to keep production running.

Nimble, quick and accurate. Our Rapid Response Assembly Pods can be quickly changed in order to reconfigure individual products or build light assemblies. Our solutions may be customized with your part numbers and branding, accessories, mounting plates and other add-ons that let you take it right to your production line.

Why create more paperwork from multiple suppliers? How much paperwork is created by sourcing and purchasing products from multiple suppliers? How much time is spent unpacking small components that will be assembled by your teams. Who’s responsible when one part isn’t available and stops everything in its tracks? We live in a just-in-time world, so it makes sense to source assemblies—pre-tested and ready for installation—to save time and money. More and more customers trust Hartland to deliver worry-free assemblies. Ultimately, they trust Hartland to streamline processes and deliver a better bottom line. Contact us to learn more about how we’re helping businesses like yours run more efficiently.