The Hartland Advantage

Some suppliers of critical electrical control components merely source and drop-ship your order. There’s no quality control, little flexibility, and you’re never really in control of delivery. The Hartland Advantage changes everything. Hartland Controls has dedicated engineering, testing and manufacturing facilities as well as a commitment to domestic inventory. When product arrives, we randomly test samples from every carton before shipment so you can be confident that what you install will not cause any issues. This process ensures quality, capacity and delivery requirements can be met consistently.

Local inventory and a commitment to serve you faster.
Our insistence on local inventory has been a critical part of our 15-year history. In the HVAC industry, a hot, humid summer will create increased demand that may not have been anticipated months earlier when sourcing commitments were made. When demand hits with Hartland Controls, you don’t have to wait eight-to-twelve weeks for your order. Contactors can be configured with the terminals you specify, brand labels, and other unique accessories. Our customer care professionals will work with you to get the product you need to keep lines up and running.

Think Hartland Controls for electrical control solutions manufactured to world-class, reputation-protecting standards. That’s the Hartland Advantage.

If you have a few minutes, we can quote your electrical controls program.