Five considerations for choosing an
Electrical/​Electromechanical supplier.

The search for qualified suppliers is oftentimes driven by understandable factors such as cost, delivery and vendor consolidation. Certain vendors may come to mind when contemplating any one of these factors, but only a few will be likely meet long-term objectives that enable you to run a better business. Start here when considering what’s most important to you.

Customer Focused— Seek a company that has a reputation for being easy to work with and a willingness to do what it takes to enhance your product line and brand reputation. Look for dedicated account managers and inside customer service representatives to provide dedicated points of contact. These people will learn your business and become versed in your unique needs.

Quality and Reliability— Manufacturing quality is paramount. You want a company with a dedicated team of engineers and inspectors that work directly with you—both on-site and at their manufacturing facilities—to ensure all products are manufactured to exact specifications.

Local Resources— Find suppliers that use international resources smarter. Products should be designed and warehoused domestically, while manufactured internationally for cost effectiveness. Domestic warehousing dramatically shortens inventory lead times. Look for US-based suppliers that are available to you during your normal workday.

Convenience— Great suppliers make your manufacturing process more cost effective. Eliminating the need for you to carry extensive inventory levels and long lead times to receive inventory helps you manage cash flow.

Agency Approvals— Search for manufacturers who work closely with approval agencies to help get products to market faster. Some suppliers are capable of having products certified to the standards required for your applications right in their own facility, streamlining the process for quicker approvals.