Custom Configurations

Custom transformer solutions save materials, weight—and money.
Many electrical and electromechanical devices have a very specific job to do, and simply need to function reliably when needed. Because the task they accomplish is so specific, there is no need to account for future electrical modifications that could affect the power requirements of the device. At Hartland Controls, we manufacture a broad range of common component solutions including contactors, capacitors, relays and transformers. Our standard product line offerings meet the needs of most customers, but we welcome requests for custom configurations on large orders or ongoing component programs.

The right sized transformer—3VA to 200VA.
When your transformer performs a singular, specialized function, it’s often economically feasible to design a custom solution matched to specific electrical requirements. This ultimately means right-sizing the transformer for the application which results in less copper use, and component size and weight reduction. On large orders and ongoing product programs, custom engineered solutions can quickly recover development costs. These are real savings that go right back to the bottom line, and help keep OEM product costs competitive.

Sustainable solutions that are environmentally smart.
With companies and consumers becoming more in tune with environmentally sound products and manufacturing processes, doing good actually helps you do well. Because when all else is even, little points of difference in the products you manufacture and more sustainable processes can pack a big punch.