Controlling your electrical control supply chain

Rapid turnaround configuration. Engineering and assembly services. Expect more from your electrical control components supplier.

When looking for a supplier of Definite Purpose (DP) contactors or other electrical control components, be sure to consider their on-site configuration and assembly capabilities. Why? Assembly services give you more product options without having to hold inventory. Your vendor partner should be ready to pull stock, configure and deliver in days—not make you wait weeks for the next container to arrive. Look for the ability to quickly configure existing products and even provide complete line-ready, tested assemblies that save you time.

Condense your supply chain

Vendors with assembly services can help you dramatically condense your supply chain. That minimizes paperwork and avoids ongoing vendor qualification processes. A partner-supplier will have the engineering support to design and develop complete assemblies, packaged, tested and ready to go. You streamline processes and find smarter ways to improve margins.

Reduce handling individual parts

Complete assemblies delivered line-ready simplifies everything. Handling small parts from multiple suppliers is labor intensive and slows you down. What’s more, one component out of stock can shut you down. Your vendor should want to partner in this manner, keeping track of parts and pieces while your teams manufacture world-class solutions.

Your vendor should be an idea center, ready to share.

Tier one electrical control vendors have deep knowledge about how contactors, transformers and capacitors are engineered. Take advantage of their product design and engineering teams—they can take special requirements and deliver creative solutions. The electrical control solution you need should be engineered to match the performance requirements of the product. Over-engineered solutions add cost; under-engineered solutions can cost you your reputation. Right-sized, performance-matched solutions help keep you competitive and customers happy. Performance enhancements as well as cost savings are buried details, even with commodity-type products. Your time will be well spent when you bring your electrical controls supplier into your product design discussions.

Get creative with your wish list

Unique product specification changes shouldn’t frighten your vendor; rather they should welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their value. Valuable suppliers embrace creativity in finding solutions to your problems—solutions that may involve parts and assemblies you have never considered. In today’s world of simplification, seek suppliers that can help minimize labor and inventory; those developing patented technologies with consistent, repeatable quality.

Challenge everyone

Your company needs every competitive advantage, so expect every supplier to bring their best thinking to the table. A vendor partner embraces challenges, and you might be surprised by the results.

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