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Grow your business with quality OEM replacement parts

Five ways to grow your business with OEM-grade products

When it comes time to replace a component, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts have a clear quality advantage over third-party parts in the wholesale and distribution marketplace. That’s why offering OEM parts can really set a contractor apart. After all—being able to repair a customer’s appliance with the same parts in the original application offers a huge benefit. OEM products are already designed to meet the application’s specific electrical specifications and manufacturing requirements, increasing the application’s operational life.

Offering OEM-quality products helps build a reliable reputation, making your business the go-to supply or repair store.

Five OEM product advantages and how they can build your repair business.

Higher quality

OEM products are identical to the part being replaced, compared to those manufactured by a third party. This means the equipment’s operational life will be increased and you don’t have to worry about the replacement part quality.

Guaranteed compatibility

Third party products in wholesale serve similar functions to the replacement part, but not up to the same standard since they weren’t designed for a specific application. OEM products are designed to meet precise manufacturer standards and have passed the manufacturer’s rigorous approval processes.

Engineered solutions

Custom engineered solutions mirror the original part being replaced. You’re guaranteed the replacement part’s original quality since the part is not only new, but created for the same purpose and with the same materials.

Eliminated callbacks

OEM-grade products built specifically for an application ensure your contractors don’t get called back to a job due to poor quality repair parts. As an added benefit, happier customers lead to higher referrals and repeat business.

Extensive inventory

Buying OEM-quality products produced by a well-known and respected electrical control brand, such as Hartland Controls, gives you the advantage of extensive local inventory, ensuring you always have access to the products your customers need.

Used by over 80% of major OEMs, Hartland Controls DP contactors are highly engineered and tested for outstanding quality control at our U.S. headquarters. Hartland Controls line of OEM-grade contactors, transformers, capacitors and relays are now available for the distribution market.

Check out the Hartland Controls Aftermarket Series

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