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Contractor fixing AC unit

How to identify and replace a failing AC capacitor

It’s summertime—and that’s prime time for the HVAC contractor. As air conditioners operate all over in full force, calls pile up to fix ones that have failed or aren’t working properly. One of the most…
Chattering squirrel

The difference between contact chatter & contact bounce

If you’re working with equipment that uses contactors and relays, you’ve probably heard of contact chatter and contact bounce (not the kind of chatter and bounce you see in our little squirrel friends shown above).…
Group of capacitors

Capacitors: Understanding how they work

The easiest way to understand how a capacitor works is to compare it to a battery. They both store and release electrical energy. Their purpose and functionality, however, is much different. Capacitors are able to…
Residential area that needs HVAC repair

Sourcing for the busy summer HVAC season

Warmer months mean hotter sales in the HVAC industry, so keeping up with demand is key to customer satisfaction. And what’s driving this demand? The reality is we can’t live without air conditioning. Today, over…
Wholesale distribution OEM electrical controls

Grow your business with quality OEM replacement parts

Five ways to grow your business with OEM-grade products When it comes time to replace a component, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts have a clear quality advantage over third-party parts in the wholesale and…
Hartland Control relays

An Introduction to Relay Terminology

A necessity in numerous machines and electrical appliances, relays are used all over the world, regarded for their high reliability and long life. From everyday applications such as refrigerators and garage doors, to signaling and…
Electrical transformers

A Guide to Understanding the Five Transformer Types

Born from the industrial age, transformers are one of electrical engineering’s most useful inventions. They are used in all types of electrical equipment applications ranging from HVAC, water pumps, pool and spa, food service and…
Application Notes

Application Note: Continuity

How often has this happened during your manufacturing process? Your product has been assembled and is going through final quality checks, including a continuity check. You then run a dry resistance test and it appears…